Wendy’s Fuels Fox Sports’ Social VR Effort

While virtual reality isn’t sufficiently advanced to allow college football fans to play a down for the Fighting Irish like some sort of cybernetic Rudy Ruettiger, Fox Sports’ social VR offering may very well be the next-best thing.

On Saturday night, when Notre Dame suits up against Michigan State under the lights at Spartan Stadium, fans can get closer to the action via the Fox Sports VR app. Sponsored by Wendy’s, Fox’s social VR live-stream will be accessible to smartphone and tablet users who haven’t plunked down $500 for a bulky Oculus helmet (although a more immersive experience is available for early adopters and gearheads).

Social VR allows fans to watch the game with their Facebook friends in a Wendy’s-branded virtual suite. As the action unfolds, viewers can chat with as many as four virtual pals — or random strangers, if that’s your thing. Fans who aren’t exactly socially aflutter will have the option to switch off the interactive/chat feature.

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