What Customers Say & What They Do Can Be Very Different [Podcast]

By Tema Frank

AKA, The Meat Lovers Marketing Research Episode

What motivates meat buyers? Market research showed surprising results!

When Barry Davis, AVP of marketing research firm, Leger, started chewing on what consumers had told his firm motivated their decisions when buying meat, he found the results tough to swallow.

You see, consumers were saying they wanted choice in cuts and quantities, and yet their actual behaviour showed the bulk of them flocking to Costco to buy meat.

If you’ve ever shopped at Costco, you know that it doesn’t give you much choice in cuts and quantities.

So why the contradiction?

To Get Customer Experience Right, You Have to Look Beyond the Obvious

Whats going on inside your customers head can be tricky to figure out. Use multiple market research approaches when needed.

What’s going on inside your customer’s head can be tricky to figure out. Use multiple market research approaches when needed.

In this podcast episode, we discuss several different approaches to the market research that Leger took to try to cut to the bone and find out what was really going on in consumers’ minds.

And that really is the point: if a research result doesn’t seem to fit the evidence, you’ve got to dig deeper.

Use multiple survey and research methods to “triangulate” and get to a result that makes sense.

In the episode we discuss several different methods they used to attack the problem, and the surprising result. (Hint: Although they were shopping at Costco, it was NOT for lower prices!)

Also in This Market Research Episode

  • The dangers of forcing people to choose among options that are all considered non-negoitable. It can lead to seriously misleading research results.
  • Ditto for making people rank or rank order non-negotiables.
  • Personas derived from market research, and how they can help you understand a confusing situation. (Here’s an example of a persona and how it can be helpful, in an article I wrote for Hotel Business Review.)
  • Affordability vs value: they are not the same thing.
  • How you can position your brand to charge a premium price based on a desirable trait even if it is legislated and everybody else has that feature too. If nobody’s beat you to it, make that your brand differentiator.

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Source:: Business2Community