What Does The Rick Hunter Process Have To Do With LinkedIn Lead Generation

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I was listening to Josh Turner a couple weeks back, and was just blown away by the stuff that he’s doing on LinkedIn for his business and his clients (like Neil Patel, MindValley, Lisa Sasevich and Microsoft to name a couple).

The thing is, most LinkedIn gurus out there are full of you know what. They’ll tell you that the key to LinkedIn is putting keywords in the right places on your profile. Well, if you’ve tried some of that 101 level stuff, you know that it doesn’t generate consistent results.

What would the World’s #1 Training On Generating Leads, Booking Sales Appointments, And Landing Clients On LinkedIn Do For Your Business? 

Josh on the other hand has developed a practical system for generating quality referrals and leads from LinkedIn. And let me tell you, it’s pretty serious stuff!

And he’s agreed to walk us through the entire system during a free Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass this coming Tuesday.

I’ve seen what he’s going to uncover for you, and let me just say…He could EASILY be charging for this content, it’s THAT GOOD. But he’s agreed to do it for free!

No doubt this is going to fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot here.

Josh will be teaching 3 complete systems to help you generate a steady stream of new leads and clients.

Strategy #1: The Case Study Process

His clients  have been using this simple 6-step process to pull in hot new leads and clients from LinkedIn at will. What does it have to do with case studies and how can you execute it for your business? Keep reading.

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Strategy #2: The Prospect Nurture Formula

This 4-part formula has been ridiculously consistent all year long in attracting the MOST motivated prospects. People who GET your offers, understand their value, and are already in the right mindset to say “yes”.

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Strategy #3: The “Rick Hunter” Process

Last but not least – this mysteriously named process has generated high-end referrals on a ongoing monthly basis, and has been responsible for many of Josh’s clients biggest deals ever.

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In addition to everything else, Josh will be teaching you The 3 Pillars of ANY LinkedIn Strategy. All other strategies aside, these three elements MUST be present in any LinkedIn campaign to assure success.

And best of all this can be accomplished in only 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn! Better yet, if you don’t feel like doing the work, you can easily have your assistant or VA do it. Pretty darn sweet.

Think about it for a minute. What would having a consistent stream of new leads do for your business?

This looks like a serious a game changer, and when you add this system to your mix of marketing activities you’re already doing…you’ll be killing it!

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One more thing,  There’s some urgency here. The Masterclass is this coming Tuesday, so reserve your spot while it’s still top of mind!

Click here to learn more. Josh Turner Webinar

About Josh Turner

Josh Turner is the founder of Linked Selling, a B2B marketing firm that helps clients systematically build relationships with cold prospects, to turn them into warm leads. The tools they use to achieve this are LinkedIn, webinars, content and email. He is also the founder of LinkedUniversity.com , a leading online training program for business professionals who want to learn how to leverage LinkedIn for marketing and sales.

Here is what the Huffington Post reported about Josh Turner
“One man has had a laser focus on LinkedIn for the past few years; he created a whole business out of it. His name is Josh Turner. He calls himself a “B2B Marketing Expert Specializing In LinkedIn,” and as the founder of Linked University, which offers webinars and trainings to get the most out of LinkedIn, and LinkedSelling, which has done work with LinkedIn marketing campaigns since 2010, it’s a well-deserved title.”