What is the Difference Between Practitioner and Master Practitioner


I was recently asked what the difference was between a Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP. This is not easy to answer because we need to define NLP to truly explain. So this article attempts to answer what is NLP, the difference in the levels and some considerations before you book your course.

As you will discover the NLP industry is just filled with differing ideas and opinions. As a result recognise that this article is filled with my opinions. Don’t take anything I say as authoritative, realise I have an agenda of my own and only accept what I say once you have pulled it apart, tested it and accept it only because you have decided it is right for you.

NLP Standard Organisation

The first thing that needs to be recognised is that there are no standards in NLP. There are a bunch of self-serving bodies that are trying to regulate and standardise this thing that we call NLP. They are all competing and they all have a financial interest in becoming the NLP Regulatory Body.

Add in the fact that all the certifying bodies have a vested interest in certifying people and you will find there is a huge variance in how NLP is defined and the standards of certified practitioners whether practitioner or master practitioner.

Add in the huge variation of types of certified courses. They range from fully on line where you will never see a trainer in real life through to accelerated courses that last for anywhere between five and twelve days sometimes with distance learning material and sometimes not ending with indentured servitude courses that are 20 plus days for a couple of days a month until you die of boredom.

All of these are “certified through their own pet certifying body. Clearly the standards of …read more

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