What Should My Business Post on Social Media?

By Beth Adan

What should you post on social media? Here are 11 creative ideas.

I’m sure you hear it over and over again –post regularly on social media to leverage the power of your following, create brand ambassadors and increase your company’s name recognition online. Posting to social media is one thing, but publishing strategically and sharing the right content is another beast entirely. For those who are unsure what to post, this article provides some helpful ideas that can get your creative juices flowing.

8 Challenges of Creative Content Marketing

It isn’t easy to come up with fresh, new and exciting ideas for your business day in and day out. As Jeff Bullas mentions, there are eight main challenges that can be barriers to your content marketing plan. They are:

  1. Finding inspiration and ideas for the content
  2. Creating it
  3. Making it relevant
  4. Resourcing it
  5. Managing it
  6. Monitoring it
  7. Measuring it
  8. Making it “liquid” and contagious

As CoSchedule continues, the most important questions to ask yourself when determining if content is a good fit are:

  1. What’s in it for my audience?
  2. Would I click on this?
  3. Is this relevant to my business?

Without a solid plan, like creating, drafting and scheduling your posts at least a week at a time, this can feel overwhelming to the average busy business owner. To really shine, you might have to step outside your comfort zone.

World Creativity and Innovation Day: April 21st

This upcoming April 21st is known as World Creativity and Innovation Day, so why not think outside the box for your content marketing strategy? According to DaysOfTheYear.com, “Creativity and innovation are beneficial in every walk of life, and every career. From those in customer service finding ways to improve their customers’ experience, scientists whose every work day is filled with learning new things about the world and finding new ways to apply it, to politicians who could use their creativity to find new ways to solve problems and aid the public. World Creativity and Innovation Day encourages everyone to imagine a different world with different solutions.”

Want to reimagine the world of your business? Here are 11 excellent ideas for what to post next.

Overcome your content marketing hurdles with these 11 ideas.

11 Creative Content Marketing Ideas

  1. Create Instagram Stories

Have you noticed that Instagram has a new feature? The photo sharing platform has instituted Instagram Stories, which allow users to share more than one photo at once and live video, in the form of a story that lasts for 24 hours. This is an awesome opportunity for brands to take advantage of, because it allows you to share more content marketing material without clogging up customers’ newsfeeds and appearing spammy. It also allows you to create a “story” for each day, which is a great place to highlight current specials or happenings at your company.

While viewing an Instagram Story, users can send the creator a direct message easily through the app, which makes it easy for customers to contact you. If you turn this option on, remember to have a social Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community