What Tools You Need When You Start a Testing Program

What Tools You Need When You Start a Testing Program

One of the great truths that people ignore when it comes to optimization is that you can fail with any tool. It’s only when you are trying to succeed that differences in tools really matter.

Once you’ve established the right mindset for a successful program you are still going to need a number of tools to enable you to test and to get value from your actions. I’ve helped setup hundreds of programs, and there is a huge difference in both how tools get implemented and how people think about their tools as either the entire purpose of the integration or as a means to an end.

Like all things it is not a matter of falling for Maslow’s Hammer but instead about looking at your tools for how they enable you and how they allow you to do things you have not done before. 6189607811_0bec25a04e_z

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I will present a few of the key tools that you will need in order to get a program underway. Instead of talking about specific tools it is better to think in terms of what you need and why, as well as what you don’t …read more

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