Where Does Conversion Happen? – Traffic Acquisition

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“Conversion Rate Optimization” principles don’t just apply to landing pages or capturing emails. That narrow brand of thinking severely limits the truly transformative impact CRO principles can have on a business.

After all, what is conversion rate optimization really, but a way to get more of the right people clicking on the things you want them to click?

What follows is the first in a series of articles called “Where Does Conversion Rate Optimization Happen” that will include some of the most common areas where optimization strategies can be applied to achieve better results for your company.

These will be living documents that will include some of the best resources from here on ConversionXL and around the web.

While this series is by no means exhaustive, we’ll make every attempt to look at the most common & critical areas in the marketing funnel, and how you can take a data-driven approach to improve each area of the funnel.

So Where Exactly Does “Conversion” Happen?

To guide the discussion, we’re going to be using Dave McClure’s Conversion Metrics as a framework to see where different conversion optimization opportunities lie.

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For Acquisition, we’re primarily asking how do first time visitors & potential customers find you?

Specifically, …read more

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