Where Should You Start Testing?

Where Should You Start Testing?

You should split test the headline first! Bollocks. The images! What a load of crap.

That’s the kind of advice most articles out there would give you. The truth is that answering “what to test first” is like answering “how much does a car cost?” – it depends.

Eventually you should test everything that you have traffic for, but since you can’t start everywhere at once, you need to prioritize.

Where should you run your first tests?

You should start testing where it hurts the most, and where you can learn the fastest.

1. Where the biggest, the costliest leak is

Maybe your home page is your most popular landing page. Gets enough traffic, like 75k uniques per month. The bounce rate is 65% , sub-optimal. At the same time, your checkout page gets 500 unique visits per month. Your monthly transaction count is ~100. Where do you start?

I hope this is obvious.

Large chunk of home page visitors are likely not gonna buy anything during this visit, but people who’ve made it to the checkout page have added a product or two to their cart and shown all kinds of engagement. So if only 20% of the people that make it to the very …read more

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