Who do you want to be next year?

I wrote this article a few years ago and the technique I demonstrate is so powerful it is worth a reshowing. If yu struggle at this timen of year with the whole goal setting thing here is an alternate view.

At this time it is usual for people to look back, review the year and look forward to the year ahead. The blogs, forums and community sites are full of goal setting, resolutions and manifesting advice. I thought I would give you something a little different and a lot more useful.

A NLP Technique to Boost Your Success Rate

The technique I am going to share with you today I use regularly myself and it has been instrumental in helping me with a presentation worth $8 million when I had previously only worked on deals less than a tenth of that value. It has helped me changed my identity several times over, cope with fear, loss and grief as well as help me to build several successful businesses. But all of this is nothing in comparison to what this technique can do for you. Let me explain.

Are you thinking of doing something new next year?

I’m not talking about visiting a new restaurant …read more

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