Your 6 crucial communication traits

What exactly makes people like you?

Or respect you?

Or pay more to work with you?

It’s simple:

You need to become so essential that you’re irreplaceable.

Once you’re distinct and essential to clients and co-workers, they’ll bend over backwards to work with you. They’ll pay more for your time, and take action on what you say.

Yet if you’re replaceable, watch out… that means you’re vulnerable. You won’t become irreplaceable if you’re all over the place, trying to please everyone.

After researching the communication patterns of 600,000 people inside companies from AT&T to Visa, my team and I have mapped out the qualities that make YOU irreplaceable.

Your 6 vital traits stem from your Fascination Advantage.

Find the 6 top vital traits of your Advantage, below: 

Click an image below to download!








See those 6 bullet points? Each one is a way in which you are likely to add value, and become THE go-to resource on your team.

Read them carefully.

Write them down.

Download to your desktop.

Print and review before your next big presentation.

More easy steps to become intensely valuable

  1. Find your primary Advantage among the images above (if you haven’t already taken the Fascination Advantage® Assessment, get it here).
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile or bio with these points (yes, you have my permission to copy them!).
  3. Print and share with your client or manager, so they can fully appreciate what you’re already doing right.
  4. Do a “lunch-and-learn” gathering in which each person describes their top 6 traits, and one way in which they apply that at work.
  5. Post your 6 vital traits on Facebook, Twitter or your blog, and get feedback on how you’re already applying this.

You can become more valued, admired, and liked. It’s not random. And it’s not that complicated. Just measure your communication patterns, identify your most valuable traits, and then apply them in your work and life.

Tell me how YOU apply your top vital traits, below!


  • Be yourself on purpose. (Tweet this!)
  • Don’t change who you are. Be MORE of who you are. (Tweet this!)
  • What makes people respect you, buy from you, and like you? (Tweet this!)

TELL US IN THE COMMENTS: Which of the 6 is your key communication trait? Tell us in the comments, below!

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